Help Make Your Community Climate-strong!​

Is your community ready?​
Climate change is causing increased flooding, drought, heat waves and storms in your area.

Be an Advocate
Attend town meetings! Join a local watershed association or conservation organization.

Climate-resilient policies and investments in public health and safety are critical, including:​
  • Open space preservation to recharge groundwater and cool local temps​
  • Habitat restoration to slow floods​
  • Stormwater system upgrades to manage heavier rainstorms​
  • Climate-resilient rules for construction to ensure sustainable growth

Lead by Example​
Collective efforts are critical, and you can lead by example with small changes to habits and around your home.
  • Replace your lawn with drought tolerant plants
  • Plant trees and use window shades during the day to cool your home
  • Use porous materials for driveways and patios

The Impacts of Climate Change Aren’t the Same​ for Everyone
People of Color, English language learners, children, the elderly and those of lower income will have different abilities and challenges to prepare for, cope with, and recover from climate disruptions.

Let’s work together towards climate justice for all of our neighbors! ​

This project was made possible by a Massachusetts Vulnerability Preparedness Program Action Grant through the Town of Dedham.​