Climate Readiness in the Neponset River Estuary

NepRWA has been working with the Town of Milton and Boston Harbor Now to bring together members of the Neponset Estuary community to discuss issues of climate change and how to increase our climate readiness across municipal boundaries.

We’ve been reaching out to connecting with community and recreational groups, neighborhood associations, and local businesses to form a Community Advisory Council. This council will play a key role in helping to shape our climate policy and enhancing outreach and education initiatives around climate in the Estuary.

Our initial meeting on November 16th was a great success, bringing together 16 community representatives. During the gathering, we delved into topics such as coastal flooding, stormwater, and urban heat, exchanging valuable insights on the climate impacts already affecting our communities.

We’ll build on these meetings over the next 6 months to help Boston, Quincy, and Milton better develop their climate adaptation and community outreach plans. Look for more to come! 

The Estuary is the area of the River that is shaped by tides and salt water, and is home to unique species of birds, fish, and salt marsh plants, as well as a large and diverse community along the Dorchester, Quincy, and Milton waterfronts.

For more information about NepRWA’s work in the Neponset Estuary, please visit

If you represent a community group, business, or neighborhood association in the Estuary and want to be involved, please reach out to Sean McCanty.

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