An Egret explores the Neponset River Estuary in Quincy

First Phase Marsh Study Underway

NepRWA’s work to develop a “State of the Estuary” report for the Neponset Salt Marshes has taken a big step forward, with a plan for data collection across the next three months by Woods Hole Group consulting firm.

Wetland scientists and engineers will assemble existing data and collect up to date information about salt marsh elevation, invasive species, fill in the marsh, areas of erosion, and issues of tidal restriction. This will both allow us to identify areas for restoration, like ditch remediation, and also provide us with the information needed to update climate models for future sea level rise within the River mouth.

This work would not have been possible without the leadership of our amazing legislative team, especially Senators Keenan, Timilty, and Collins for getting $100,000 for this salt marsh work into the state budget. Thanks also goes to the many donors who responded so generously to the challenge grant to save our salt marshes last fall.

Stay tuned for updates on results and next steps this summer.

Feel free to reach out to Sean McCanty, our River Restoration Director, if you have questions or ideas via

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