Funds Approved to evaluate the Neponset River Estuary

Sept. 18, 2023–

Thanks to State Senators Keenan, Collins, and Timilty, NepRWA was awarded $100,000 in this year’s state budget to look at the Neponset salt marshes and the current and future threats they face.

Our salt marshes are a vital resource, which clean our water, buffer flooding, and provide habitat for shellfish, birds, and other wildlife. Unfortunately, they have been damaged by ditching, filling, invasive species, and erosion ever since Europeans first settled in Massachusetts. This leaves them especially vulnerable to the threats of sea level rise and storm surge that the next several decades have in store.

In order to help protect our marshes, NepRWA is working with the Trustees of Reservations and the MA Division of Ecological Restoration to better understand the state of our marshes and to plan the best way to maintain them into the future.

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For more information, please email NepRWA River Restoration Director, Sean McCanty, at

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