Flooding during and after rainstorms is a growing concern for residents and businesses in Stoughton and neighboring communities.

The Town is looking at current and future flood problems and we need to hear from you!

Stoughton Focus Group

September 2023 —

Help strengthen your community in the face of climate change! Join us to identify community priorities and find out more about Stoughton’s climate resilience project.

As part of Stoughton’s commitment to climate resilience, NepRWA is assembling a Focus Group this fall. We’re inviting Stoughton residents and local business owners to be a part of this important initiative.

Responsibilities of members. Focus Group members would meet once, in person, for a 90-120 minute discussion in early November (date to be determined). Members may be compensated up to $75/hr, and food will be provided.

Who should apply? Any Stoughton resident or local business owner should apply. Priority will be given to applicants representing or working with residents disproportionately affected by climate change, including persons of color, persons of lower income, seniors, children, and residents with limited English proficiency. 

Why should I apply? You don’t need to be a climate scientist to help your neighbors withstand extreme weather!

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Your experiences are crucial to improving community resilience to climate change. Members of the Focus Group will discuss experiences with extreme weather, identify priorities for preparation for and improving your community’s ability to bounce back after a storm, public and emergency resources, and the best methods of communication to reach as many residents as possible. 

For more information or any questions, please contact NepRWA Managing Director for Community Resilience, Kerry Snyder at snyder@neponset.org or 781-575-0354 ext. 300.

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Tell a Friend

We are working hard to reach out to the entire community. Please share this webpage and the survey with friends, neighbors, and groups in Stoughton.

Suggest a Group

Know of a community group or organization we should reach out to?

We are especially interested in connecting with groups and individuals who are less likely to participate in town affairs. Churches, business groups, youth groups, seniors, and others. Please email Kerry Snyder with your suggestions for who should be involved!

Project Background Information

The Town of Stoughton is working with Kleinfelder consultants and the Neponset River Watershed Association to study flooding in Town. This includes developing a computer-based “flood model” to map present areas of concern as well as what might happen in the future as the climate continues to warm up and change rain patterns.

The Town can’t solve every flooding problem, but by studying the issue, Stoughton can prioritize problem areas and begin developing solutions to reduce future flooding, and protect Stoughton homes, businesses, and natural areas where possible.

Project Funding

The project is being funded by the Town of Stoughton and a grant from the Massachusetts Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Program to study flooding around town.

General Information about Climate Change in Stoughton

What is climate change? It’s a long-term increase in global temperatures. That doesn’t mean that every day is getting warmer, but it does mean the Stoughton area is experiencing changes in weather patterns because of those warmer temperatures.

Weather records already show:

  • More heavy rainstorms;
  • More drought;
  • More days that reach 90 degrees or more; and
  • More intense, windy storms

Norfolk County—Avg. Daily Maximum Temp (°F)

Towns across Massachusetts are working to adapt to these changes. But they can’t do it alone.

The Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Program funds projects each year to help cities and towns plan for and make necessary changes to reduce risks to people, property, and infrastructure.

  • Find out more about the impacts of climate change here.
  • Learn about Stoughton’s climate change preparedness here.