Tackling invasive species Across the Watershed

On March 14, 2024, NepRWA staff participated in a gathering hosted at the Sharon Conservation Department, that brought together local conservation commissions from across the Watershed to discuss how to combat non-native invasive species across the region.

Representatives from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the Department of Conservation & Recreation (DCR) were also present.

NepRWA’s Executive Director, Ian Cooke, and River Restoration Director, Sean McCanty, described the variety of projects that NepRWA has led across the Neponset Watershed to help reduce invasive species and improve water quality for wildlife and recreation. Learn about habitat challenges across the Watershed.

David Wong of DEP led a discussion on the relationship between state and federal regulations and local efforts, and highlighted the correlation between invasive aquatic weeds within water bodies and the occurrence of cyanobacteria blooms.

Conservation agents also discussed their local experiences and priorities for water bodies, wetlands, and open spaces in their communities. We’re optimistic that this meeting will advance collaborative efforts that will improve the health of the Watershed on this very challenging issue.

Special thanks to the Canton Conservation Commission, which spearheaded organization of this convening. We’re looking forward to further conversations in the future.

Local conservation professionals meet to discuss non-native invasive species in the Neponset River Watershed. Photos courtesy of Town of Sharon.

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