Update: Hyde Park Access Workshop

On April 6th and 20th, NepRWA partnered with the Hyde Park Neponset River Access Committee to host two workshops at the Boston Prep Charter School. These workshops aimed to bring residents together to discuss the history of the Neponset and share our personal connections to nature.

The first workshop started with Graham Moitoso, a grad student from Northeastern University, presenting on their research of Lower Neponset history, covering Native American, Colonial, and Industrial periods. Attendees were amazed with how the river has changed over time, providing clarity on why the Neponset still has outdated dams and other barriers from its past.

After the presentation, attendees broke into smaller groups to discuss their experiences with nature and rivers, sharing desires to improve connections to the Neponset, reminiscent of their childhood connections to other natural areas.

The second workshop saw a larger turnout, fueled by community buzz and excitement for further discussion. This session focused on historical comparisons between the Neponset, Mystic, and Charles Rivers, followed by a mapping exercise.

Participants circled or noted areas on the map they had visited and shared stories about places they hadn’t. The goal was to familiarize more people with spaces along the Neponset, like the Greenway, Doyle Park, and Martini Shell, and to share experiences of these great locations.

We concluded by discussing upcoming projects at Doyle, West Street, and connections to the Blue Hills. With many projects progressing in Hyde Park, it’s crucial to keep the community updated and foster a sense of ownership and enthusiasm for these improvements.

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For more information, please email NepRWA Greenways Program Director, Andres Ripley, at ripley@neponset.org

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