Your student recently learned how climate change is shifting weather patterns and causing more heat and frequent droughts to your community.

Students learned how your town’s drinking water system works, and ways to protect your drinking water and local wildlife by using water wisely.

Where Does Your Water Come From?
Ask Your Expert!

Ask your student where your water comes from, talk with them about steps your family already takes to conserve, and what new ideas you might try.

Get Active with your City or Town

Decisions made by your city or town have a huge influence in protecting your water and natural areas and keeping everyone healthy and safe as our climate changes. Get involved in your community by attending town meetings, volunteering on a municipal committee, joining a community organization, or even running for office. You can make your community stronger and more resilient for years to come.

Make Your Community More Resilient

It’s hard work to ensure you have dependable drinking water and healthy streams. Your city or town works with the nonprofit Neponset River Watershed Association to protect your water and make your community more resilient to extreme weather.

How Much Water Do You Use?

Make your water bill a math lesson for your student!
Divide the total number of gallons on your bill by the number of days in the billing cycle and then by the number of people in your home to get your family’s per person daily use.
Less than 55 gallons per person per day is about average and 30-35 gallons is great!

Tip: If your bill is in cubic feet, multiply by 7.48 to get gallons.

Try These Easy Water Savings Tips

It’s easy to save water with these tips. Which do you already do? Which could you try?

Don’t let the water run too long when brushing your teeth, showering, washing dishes, or using a hose.
Fix leaky faucets, toilets and irrigation systems. Use your water meter to help identify leaks.
Never water your lawn during a drought, even if you use a private well.

Additional suggestions:

  • Check with your city or town for rebates. Save big with a new aerator, showerhead, or clothes washer.
  • Reduce or eliminate landscape watering by using drought tolerant grass seed, native plants, and weather-based irrigation controllers.
  • Always follow watering restrictions issued by your city, town or the state.

For more details on rebates and water restrictions, visit your city or town website.

Click here for more information on water conservation.