Working together, we aim to help our communities improve their resilience to a changing climate.

Significant changes are necessary to ensure that individuals and communities can recover from the impact of extreme storms that knock out power, flooding that impedes travel, or heat waves that worsen many health conditions.

No one community can do all of these things alone, however. And since climate impacts don’t respect municipal boundaries, it makes sense to collaborate with neighboring cities and towns to more effectively, efficiently and equitably reduce the risks to public health and safety throughout the region. 

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The Collaborative

Facilitated by NepRWA, the Neponset Region Climate Resilience Collaborative is a partnership among our region’s cities and towns.

Through the Collaborative, municipal officials work together to collectively seek funding to identify and implement projects that will help reduce the severity of climate-driven hazards to our communities.

Cities and towns are looking to take several types of actions, including: 

  • enlarge storm drains and underground pipes to increase capacity in heavy rainstorms; 
  • replace undersized culverts so flooding doesn’t wash out the road; 
  • evaluate and protect key transportation routes, including evacuation routes; 
  • remove pavement and increase natural areas to reduce local temperatures and improve air quality; 
  • plant native shade trees to reduce polluted storm runoff and cool neighborhoods; and 
  • ensure the continuation of services to residents.

Review the Proposed Framework for the Neponset River Watershed Regional Collaborative on Climate Resilience.

Resilient Neponset Climate Collaborative May 30, 2024 Meeting

Please email NepRWA Managing Director for Community Resilience, Kerry Snyder, with any questions about our Climate Resilience Program.

This project is supported by a Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Program Action Grant awarded to the Town of Dedham, in partnership with the City of Boston, Boston Water & Sewer Commission, and the Towns of Canton, Foxborough, Medfield, Milton, Norwood, Sharon, Stoughton, and Westwood. Project support from the Metropolitan Area Planning Council, Neponset River Watershed Association, and Weston and Sampson Engineering.